Best events happening in Aukland in 2020

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On top of the beautiful landscape and urban culture, it is the festival and events around the year that make Aukland a vibrant place to visit. Aukland offers diverse and entertaining events line-up each year that attracts a large number of national and international visitors. Hire a minibus with a driver in Auckland to get around with ease and convenience.

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival is Aukland’s favourite music festival offering a one of a kind experience. Organic and innovative music will leave you awestruck. The festival will take place on 27 January at Alber Park. There will be two stages set up, one on Princess Street and another on Alfred Street. Ticket cost is $189.90 per person, make sure to buy online before the event as there will be no onsite sale of the tickets. The festival is for the visitors ageing 18 and above. 

Splore Music and Art Festival

Splore is three days of music and arts festival. The festival will set on the shores of Tapapakanga Regional Park from 21 to 23 February. It is 70km south-east of Auckland’s city centre and takes about an hour to drive. Expect eclectic performances by world’s best singers, bands, DJs and musicians. There will be plenty of performing arts that you can participate in, including workshops, shows and experiences. Visual arts installation beautifully lights up the entire site. It’s a family-friendly festival where kids get their zone for activities. There will be various vegetarian and vegan-friendly food vendors and bars. Make your visit more fun by staying at one of their camping zones.   

Takapuna Beach Cup

Takapuna Beach Cup is New Zealand’s leading Outrigger festival. Get ready for three days of exceptional paddling experience starting from 14th February. The racing will take place on the Hauraki Gulf, and the route will pass through New Zealand’s iconic volcanoes, Rangitoto. You can enjoy the best views of the race from Auckland’s famous Takapuna beach. 

Aukland Lantern Festival

If you are in Aukland around Chinese New Year, head to Aukland Domain to see the streets light up with hundreds of dazzling handmade Chinese Lanterns. Auckland Lantern Festival 2020 will take place on Thursday 13 February (6.30 pm-10.30 pm), Friday 14th (5.00 pm-10.30 pm), Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th(4.00 pm – 10.30 pm). You will get to see traditional martial arts, dance and music performances. There will be more than 100 street stalls selling Asian food and goods. The entry is free.  

Aukland Arts Festival

Grab your chance to see mind-blowing shows of theatre, music, cabaret, dance and visual arts. Aukland Arts Festival will run for 19 days starting from 11 March. Programs will take place in different locations. You can check the event calendar on their official website for detailed information. 

Elemental AKL

Elemental AKL is a winter festival of Aukland. During this festival, Aukland’s parks, streets, waterfronts will light up in dazzling illuminations. Expect unforgettable cultural performances, artworks, theatre shows, and memorable live music. There will be remarkable food shows where you can sample local wine and regional food. This year it will go on from 15 July to 2 August. 2020 event line up announcement will be happening soon.

Taste of Aukland

Taste of Aukland is the most exotic food festival in New Zealand. It gives you a chance to sample signature dishes from some of Aukland’s best restaurants in one place. The festival takes place on Queens Wharf in October and November. Don’t forget to try out the most exquisite artisan products from premium brewers, producers and winemakers. Expect leading pop-up restaurants & bars, a large artisan market and great live music. 

Farmers Santa Parade

Kickstart the Christmas celebration by attending Farmers Santa Parade in November. This annual parade attracts thousands of local and tourist spectators each year. The Parade runs for approximately two hours at Queens street, followed by Santa’s Party at Aotea Square. Santa’ Party is full of free entertainment, giveaways, rides, food vendors and much more.

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