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Top 10 Restaurants in Christchurch

As we all know, New Zealand has done a remarkable job eradicating the novel coronavirus. Many of the restaurants are reopening under level two restrictions. It looks like a good time to eat out again. And you can completely trust minibus hire in Christchurch for a safe and hygienic transfer. Check out our picks for […]

Top 10 Restaurants in Wellington

Wellington is best known for its diverse restaurant scene. This culinary capital of New Zealand houses an ample amount of hidden bars, great diners, fancy restaurants, and artisan eateries. While staying at home, you do not need to deprive yourself of good food. All these restaurants are now offering special take out menus. Once it’s […]

Top 10 Restaurants in Auckland

While social distancing is the need of the hour, one thing we all miss is going to a nice restaurant with chic ambience and have delicious food. If you are a food fanatic, you are probably already making a list of the restaurants you want to dine in once this is all over. You only […]

Best Events happening in Christchurch in 2020

While visiting New Zealand Christchurch should be in your list as it is the most exciting city to explore. Do you know that this largest city of south island was not once but twice hit by massive earthquakes? Christchurch has held its own and emerged as a more sustainable and creative city. Hire a minibus […]

Best events happening in Wellington in 2020

Wellington is full of fascinating and fun things to do. What really stands out though is its artsy events happening around the year. We have selected some of the unmissable events of 2020 for you. Some of these events can be scattered all over Wellington. Hire a minibus with a driver in Wellington as a […]

Best events happening in Aukland in 2020

On top of the beautiful landscape and urban culture, it is the festival and events around the year that make Aukland a vibrant place to visit. Aukland offers diverse and entertaining events line-up each year that attracts a large number of national and international visitors. Hire a minibus with a driver in Auckland to get […]

Auckland Business Conferences To Attend In 2019

Auckland is one of the cities in New Zealand and it has a booming economy and provides multiple opportunities to grow business. In 2019, Auckland has been ranked as the 3rd best city in the world for quality of life. A number of big corporations and companies have established their headquarters in Auckland, making it […]

Wellington Business Conferences To Attend In 2019

New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, is dubbed as the world’s “coolest capital”. This is a city where there is always something happening; be it fun or business related. Wellington is known to host a number of events each year, including business conferences, where people from other parts of the country come to interact and share […]

Biggest 2019 Sporting Events Happening In Tauranga

Are you visiting Tauranga and looking to catch some exciting sporting events while you are there? The city of Tauranga has a vibrant sporting scene and plays host to a variety of sporting events every year. Here are some of the sporting events that you can catch while visiting this city. Did you know that […]

Biggest 2019 Sporting Events Happening In Hamilton

The city of Hamilton in New Zealand will host some great sporting action this year. Ranging from rugby to football, there will be something for everyone in this lovely city. We have put together a list of some of the amazing sports events that we think you should attend. Remember that you and your mates […]