Top 5 tourist attractions in Auckland

Auckland attracts a plethora of tourists around the year. It has an urban thrill to it and at the same time has plenty of scenic getaways. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, natural wonderments, art, or beach escape, there is everything. The great thing about Auckland is that stunning beaches, scenic hiking trails, islands are only minutes away from the centre of the city. Hire a minibus in Auckland for a seamless travel experience. While the list of attractions in the city of sails is never-ending, check out our top 5 tourist attractions.

Sky Tower

Sky Tower is the most famous tourist attraction in Auckland. This 328 meters high tower has an observation deck and a sky deck, skywalk, sky jump, three restaurants and a gift shop. As you go up by a glass elevator, you can start seeing the view. Sky Deck is the highest public observation level providing a fantastic panoramic view of the city. Skywalk platform is 192 meters high. Walking at this height on a glass floor is a thrilling experience. 

Skywalk is 1.2 metres wide. You can rest assured about the safety measures while doing the skywalk as there will be full-body harness and overhead safety lines. Take it up a notch by jumping off the sky tower. You can perform base-jump by a wire under proper supervision. You will also find some decent restaurants here that are The Sugar Club, Orbit 360 dining, and Sky Cafe. To enjoy both day and night view opt for Sun & Stars ticket. It will cost an additional 4$ on-base prize. 

Auckland Zoo

Open since 1922, Auckland Zoo has been a favourite family-friendly attraction. It is so much more than any regular zoo visit. Along with animal encounters, there are many entertaining activities and events. Auckland Zoo houses more than 1400 animals, reptiles and birds of 135 species. Also houses animals from Australia, South America, Africa. There are six local ecological zones to explore. You will be able to see a wide range of creatures in the coastal, island, and night parts of the zoo. 

Other activities include free Keeper’s Talk, behind the scene experiences, safari nights, photography workshops and much more. Check out their website for the latest educational events and exhibitions. The day pass allows visitors with whole day access.

One Tree Hill

The volcanic cone of one tree hill holds immense historical and cultural significance for the people of Auckland. It lies within Cornwall park on the southwest side. You will be encountering remains from the village of Maori Pa from the pre-European era. Luscious green Cornwall Park is in itself a pleasant place to spend some extra time.

A 30-metre (100-foot) tall stone obelisk at the top of the hill is built over the grave of Sir John Logan Campbell. The volcano is 182 metre. Learn about the history through interactive displays in Cornwall Park Information Center. There is also a children playground and Stardom Observatory. You can get here by train or car.

Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto Island is a popular tourist attraction. It is an inactive volcano and also the youngest volcano in Auckland. Hiking to the summit of the island is a favourite activity for locals and tourists alike. From the summit, you can see the breathtaking view of Hauraki Gulf. There are many hiking trails that you can take to explore the island, including the summit trail. You can also opt for a guided trail tour on the to the summit. 

This island is also well known for kayaking and boating activities. It is a perfect place if you are looking to escape the city. This stunning natural beauty is only 25 minutes ferry ride away from Auckland. It is home to the world’s largest forest of pohutukawa trees.

Mount Eden

Mount Eden is a must-visit tourist attraction as it is the highest volcanic peak in Auckland. It is 196 metres above sea level. Being at the highest point, you can expect the best view of the city and harbour from up there. Hike to the top of the Mount Eden and get rewarded with stunning views. The highlight is the fifty-metre deep carter. You can walk around the carter and explore different paths that lead to various viewpoints. 

If you want to dive deep into the history and explore more on the history of Maori village, opt for a guided tour. While you are there, check out the beautiful garden nearby. It has a waterfall, pretty plants and an excellent view of the harbour. Mount Eden is only four km away from Auckland city centre. While you are there, enjoy cute cafes and restaurants in Mount Eden village.

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