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Family-Friendly Auckland Day Trip Ideas

No matter what time of the year you visit, Auckland promises a great adventure for the whole family. There are a lot of things you must see and do to complete your New Zealand holiday experience. This place gets more interesting with every minute you spend on its luscious lands and the view, hands down, […]

Top Music Festivals In New Zealand For End 2018

New Zealand is truly the place to be. It literally offers something for everyone. Whether you fancy going into places to view amazing sights, have a bite of some famous kiwi foods, or want to spend quality time with the family on their exceptional playgrounds and picnic lawns. NZ has it all. If you think […]

Wellington Day Trip Ideas For Arts Lovers

The enigmatic island of New Zealand brims with natural magnificence, but the vibrant city of Wellington is home to some fantastic manmade creations. Renowned for offering innovative and alternative perspectives, Wellington gives you an opportunity to explore places like the Cuba Art Quarter and the Civic Square. From local crafters to international artists, here are […]

Christchurch Day Trip Ideas For Arts Lovers

The city of Christchurch has undergone an artistic revolution after the unfortunate natural disaster in 2011. It is no more limited to off-the-rack art galleries, as new contemporary art spaces have been dispersing across. There is a lot of diversity that can attract even the most shrewd art lovers. Here are a few day trip […]

Auckland Day Trip Ideas For Arts Lovers

One of the best ways to invest your time in discovering Auckland is to explore the beauty of art in this culturally rich place. There are loads of art trails and art galleries suited for an avid art enthusiast. From vintage collections to contemporary stuff, there is something for everyone. Choose minibus hire in Auckland […]

Top Sporting Events In New Zealand For End 2018

Nothing brings as much fun as attending sporting events with your friends. Find a team to cheer on or even bet on a team winning a trophy and double the fun by attending that sporting event. The following NZ sporting events will keep you busy. What’s more, they are all scheduled for the last quarter […]

Top Destinations In Wellington To Explore With Your Minibus Hire

Wellington may seem small, but there’s plenty to see and lots of travelling around to do. The capital city of New Zealand is a must visit for any traveller venturing into this beautiful country. Nestled between steep, forest-covered hills and a wide sweep of bay overlooking Cook Strait, Wellington spreads across slopes, and the best […]

Top Destinations In Auckland To Explore With Your Minibus Hire

For most visitors to New Zealand, Auckland is the point of arrival, as this harbour-side city is the vibrant heart of the country and New Zealand’s economic centre. A sprawling metropolis, visiting around the city is best done by road, and a charter bus is the best option for a small group travelling together. Book […]

Why Book Minibus Hire In New Zealand For City Tours?

Often, you see huge tour groups on large buses taking visitors to various tourist attractions throughout the day. They are usually part of a tour group organised by a travel agency, where the itinerary is almost always predetermined by the organisers. However, this may not be the most sensible option for you if you wish […]