Biggest 2019 Sporting Events Happening In Wellington

Biggest 2019 Sporting Events Happening In Wellington

Being the capital of New Zealand, expect a lot to see when you pay a visit to the city of Wellington. Its location along the southernmost point of Cook Strait gives every tourist the privilege to see the pristine beaches, spectacular waterfronts, and a relaxing working harbour surrounded by hills and colourful houses around them. Apart from all these great sights, you also have the chance to catch some of the biggest sporting events in New Zealand. Book Wellington mini bus hire for your group and get ready to catch some serious sports action in Wellington!


Big Play Out

Central Park is bringing to you its Summer Series for the Big Play Out, after the Spring Series that became very successful. Scheduled to run until March 1, 2019, there are different activities for this event. Free activities are open to pre-schoolers, as well as babies, and toddlers. Activities involving playdough, bikes, slime, ice, and paint, are among the ones to watch out for if you are bringing your child with you. For February 28, Central Park will host the Flying Fox, biking events, and the BIG chalk drawing activity.

Road Cycle Tour

This 10-day tour will happen at Wellington, Wairarapa, and Kapiti starting on March 2, 2019 at 2:00pm. This is a fun sports event that combines cycling with the bests of New Zealand – from sightseeing to resting. These ride holidays are definitely worth including in your itinerary as you explore the most scenic regions of the country. You even get to explore Wellington’s Te Papa Museum and Weta Workshop then eat at the city’s finest restaurant. Get a ride along the legendary iconic Rimutaka Cycle Trail and have a cruise at Wellington’s mesmerising harbour. Other activities are in store for those who want to experience the best that this event has to offer.

The Mullet Bash

Known as the ultimate charity T20 cricket match, the Mullet Bash is a perfect sports event that will showcase the best cricket players from the country. For March 3, it will be a match between New Zealand’s Parliament XI and the Eastern Suburbs Roosters. This is a Roosters’ fundraiser event for the Te Omanga Hospice. Participants can compete for cash, every wicket taken and run hit will be worth real cold cash. Get to Kilbirnie Park on March 3 at 4pm and witness classic entertainment with some friendly brawl here and there.

Triple Threat

Newlands College is bringing to you its Triple Threat Summer Series. Scheduled every Sunday, this will run until March 24, 2019. This is a perfect venue for basketball fanatics as everyone who comes to watch will have the chance to witness College Basketballers taking on one another. More teams and more games will be played this year, thus adding to the excitement of viewers, boys and girls alike. Aside from four games slated every Sunday of the month, there are also exciting matchups blended in with music that will rock the house down. Prizes are in store for winners. This is a free admission event. Anyone can take advantage of it.

Morning March Boot Camp

Taking place at Wellington Waterfront, the boot camp is scheduled to run every Tuesday and Thursday of March. This is a great way to participate in a boot camp, whether you are a professional or a beginner. Trainers will support you as you walk your way to your goals. Activities are designed to keep you motivated. Drills and comprehensive lists of exercises will help. Easy-to-master drills will warm you up before getting involved in more strenuous activities. Cardio, core, lower and upper body exercises are included too.

2019 Super Rugby

On March 8, 2019 (Friday) from 7:35pm to 9:00pm, the grounds of the Westpac Stadium will be opened to rugby lovers. Now is the chance to witness a match like no other between the Hurricanes and Highlanders. This is an activity for the opening night of the Super Rugby that you must watch out for. The rematch between these teams is made as the Highlanders will come and visit town to prove that they are worthy of their 2015 championship trophy. Ticket prices start at $11.50 for a child and $28.50 for adults.

Blackcaps vs. Bangladesh Cricket Match

Happening at the Basin Reserve in Wellington, this international cricket match will run from March 8 to 12, 2019 at 11:00am to 6:00pm. This is your perfect definition of a summer holiday in New Zealand. The costumes are spectacular and the crowd can get involved in the game while catching the ball. Family and friends will surely enjoy the entire experience as the Blackcaps take on Bangladesh during the said schedules. Make sure you have packed your food and drinks and bring them with you to the stadium.

Guided Track Walk 2019

A sports event hosted by Manawa Karioi Reserve, this includes two of the most popular guided walks in the area. These walks will start at 11 am and 1 pm respectively on March 10th. The casual walk around the tracks of the Reserve will include participation of committee members who will explain about how far the restoration project has progressed. You will also hear more about the land’s history and get to experience the new tracks added to the place. Donations are welcome to support the cause of this project.

Nitro Circus

Happening at the Westpac Stadium on March 15 at 9:30pm, this action-packed tour from Nitro Circus welcomes all the adventurers by heart. You will get to witness motocross like no other as new jaw-dropping ramps will be used to present new and ridiculous tricks and stunts from world renowned motocross enthusiasts. The tour is inspired by the progression and breakthrough made in terms of ramp technology which was first experienced at Pastranaland compound in Travis. With this event, you will get to see the best of Nitro World Games. You can set your eyes on the biggest ramps that you have ever imagined with the best athletes showcasing their talents. Make sure you get yourselves ready for the exhilarating “ride” of your life.

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