Family-Friendly Wellington Day Trip Ideas

Family-Friendly Wellington Day Trip Ideas

A remarkably scenic city, Wellington has a diverse range of family-friendly experiences that are beyond the usual city happenings. In fact, the kids can do animal petting, rope swinging, “pilot” a space craft and a lot more enjoyable activities. Book Wellington mini bus hire and bring the whole family for a road trip and enjoy quality time and make precious memories on these attractions.


The Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa

If there is one thing that will best embody the Te Papa museum, it is the constant quest to feed the little children’s minds with new and exciting knowledge. Exploring all its sections will keep everyone at awe with amazing installations including a life-sized model of a blue whale’s heart where children can crawl through. There is even a mini Bush City where there is a lifelike reconstruction of a limestone cave. Inside are impressive cave wetas and fossilised moa bones. The sandpit is also fun not only for kids to jump in but also for the surprise underneath—a fossilised mososaur skeleton! Now you really have to go check this museum out if you want to know what a mososaur is. Remember, you need to book early in order to get the most out of the activities the staff prepares every day.  

The Beehive

The Beehive is Wellington’s most iconic architectural structure and a city tour will not be complete without taking at least a peek of this unique building. Although the kids might not appreciate it as much, it is very significant as the executive building of the country’s parliament. There is a visitor’s centre inside of the Beehive if you want a guided educational tour.

Wellington Cable Car Ride/Museum

Probably one of the busiest attractions in Wellington, the cable car is a popular way to see all of the city views. The whole trip is quick at only about three and a half minutes but is enough to appreciate the picturesque view of the city. The original cable winding station has a small museum that gives visitors a glimpse of the cable car’s history. The kids will be curious to know everything about the design, how it was constructed, how it works, and even how it feels to ride the old cable cars. You have to buy a ticket for the cable car ride but the museum tour is for free.

Carter Observatory

The first observatory in Wellington, Carter Observatory has a space themed centre called the Space Place and a planetarium. The little ones will love the small model of an ISS capsule that they can pretend to control and navigate through space. You can also pay for a show at the planetarium that lasts through 45 minutes.


Wellington Zoo and Zealandia are two of the most popular destinations for animal-lovers. However, Staglands is a more delightful attraction as it allows petting for most of the animals. It is a 25-acre theme park where the children can touch bunnies and guinea pigs. Unlike other zoos that prohibit feeding of animals, here the kids will experience how to feed farm animals such as pigs, horses, sheep, and even the fishes. They can also play to their hearts’ content through the property where there is a rope swing over a stream and hitch a ride on a tractor too. Be prepared for a lot of grins as the kids will surely enjoy their day out in the sun.

Remutaka Rail Trail

If there are older kids in the family, the cycle trail at the old Remutaka Incline is an adventurous ride to take. The 18-km path passes by relics of the old railway and there are a total of four tunnels to course through. A good weather assures a superb ride and will give everyone a sense of fulfilment upon reaching the end of the trail.

Wellington Harbour

Wellington has its harbour as one of its greatest assets. They say that your Wellington trip will not be complete without an excursion at the Days Bay across the Wellington harbour. It has a gorgeous beach where you can just relax, eat ice cream, and let the kids play. If having a picnic at the beach is not your thing, you can just take a round trip ferry ride and enjoy the view from up on the deck.

Frank Kitts Park

The New Zealand government is very particular in preserving ecology and it shows on how beautiful their parks are. Frank Kitts Park is no exception. It is a busy park since it is in the heart of the city centre. Aside from the spectacular views of the harbour, there are park amenities that kids and kids at heart will love. There is a slide that’s considered as one of the longest in New Zealand, a plastic climbing frame that has a draw-bridge, and small electric kid’s cars through the summer.

Inflatable Kids Playground

Aside from the usual parks and attractions, there are also two popular inflatable kids’ playgrounds in Wellington. First is the Kilbirnie Aquatic Recreational Centre where there is an inflatable “dragon” on weekends. It is a pool paradise for children and has an interactive play area called Tiny Town for the small ones. The other one is called Junglerama that has climbing facilities with a jungle theme. There is a bowling alley too for the whole family.

There are lots of activities in Wellington that are enjoyable and will also strengthen the family bond. If you are up for a trip with your family, never miss the opportunity to visit these sites in Wellington.

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