Family-Friendly Christchurch Day Trip Ideas

Family-Friendly Christchurch Day Trip Ideas

The 2011 earthquake that hit Christchurch resulted in a devastated city. Although there are a lot of things that still needs to be repaired, it is incredible how the city has risen from the ruins. Today, it has become an epitome of great strength as the city is teeming with activities that are both fun and inspiring not only for the usual tourists but also for families who are having their holidays. Go ahead and book Christchurch mini bus hire and start exploring the famous southern region of New Zealand!

Imagination Station

Start off your Christchurch tour at the Imagination Station where the children can go crazy with the available Lego pieces that they can play around for free! Older kids who would like to see structured buildings can head to the idea stations and create their masterpieces that are based on plans. Its present location is convenient as you can catch a tram straight to it. However, the management already announced that Imagination Station will be transferred into the New Central Library on October 12 to make room for more creative activities, interactive classes, and a bigger space for the play area.

Christchurch Tramway

A kid-friendly attraction, a ride on one of the heritage trams will amaze the family as it weaves and passes through the city’s other fascinating spots. There is a narrative about the sites and trivia about their histories. The drivers are so friendly and engaging too with some even showing how the controls work. Stay alert to see the iconic attractions like the Cathedral Junction, Avon River, New Regent Street, and the Gothic-style Arts Centre. Riding the tram is a relaxing way to enjoy a preview of what Christchurch has to offer.

Halswell Miniature Trains

Southwest of Christchurch, the Halswell Domain has the Halswell Miniature Trains. These replica trains are big enough for children to hop unto and they are charming to look at as they chug all around the park. On Sunday afternoons, train enthusiasts gather and drive miniature trains on a makeshift looping track. Aside from the miniature trains, Halswell Domain has model boats that sail on the lake every 2nd Sunday of the month. There are also playgrounds for the kids and a picnic area for the family.

Airforce Museum

Children like airplanes and one way to enrich that interest is by taking them in the Airforce Museum at Wigram. They can learn about history of airplanes and see how the old planes are being restored. There are also aircrafts that are not in the public display and can only be seen up close on a guided tour. The flight simulator should be a perfect way to end the visit.

Westburn Bike Park

If you have packed the bikes for the holidays, Westburn Bike Park is the perfect spot to let the children loose. The park was designed to have streets and intersections so the bikers can learn and practice their bike handling skills. They can also race around the circuit and learn about traffic handling. When cycling becomes boring and tiresome, there’s a playground to sit around and relax while watching other children play.

Clip ‘n Climb

Wall climbing is pretty popular among Christchurch locals. The Roxx Clip ‘n Climb is particularly special because everyone in the family can have a go and try the sport as there are 34 different climbs to choose from. Do not worry if it is a first for your family since there is a safety briefing before the climb. You will not notice how quick you will be on top as the top-notch equipment is easy to handle guaranteeing a safe and fun experience for all.

Botanic Gardens

One of the most picture-perfect places in Christchurch, the Botanic Gardens has a variety of beautiful attractions. Spread out on the sprawling 21-hectares park are rose gardens for those who love flowers, herb, rock, and water gardens, and a fernery. There is a large playground and picnic areas and a paddling pool to cool down on hot summer days.

Christchurch Playgrounds

Did you know that there are almost 300 playgrounds in Christchurch? They are tucked in almost all corners of the city and every single one is kept cleaned and maintained. Among the playgrounds is a popular one called Margaret Mahy which was opened in December 2015. It is famous because of the fantastic selections of playground installations. There are numerous climbing walls, rope courses, water play, and many more.

Christchurch Gondola

Another way to view Christchurch in a different angle is by riding the Christchurch Gondola. Start the adventure by climbing to the top of Mount Cavendish in Port Hills. Aside from the sense of accomplishment you will feel after the climb, you will be treated to a magnificent view of Lyttelton Harbour and the breathtakingly gorgeous alpine mountains. Before riding the gondola back down, the kids can enjoy the “time tunnel” first or have a taste at classic kiwi favourites from the café. There is also a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs of your trip.

Quail Island

15 minutes away from the city centre is the tiny town of Lyttelton where you can hop on a ferry to Quail Island. The uninhabited island is perfect for a quiet and relaxing picnic. The kids will enjoy exploring it and discover shipwrecks and the early European quarantine station. Be prepared to take swim clothes with you as the beaches on the island are very inviting. The daddies will have fun bird-watching too as the island is home to New Zealand native birds.

Christchurch provides holiday-goers with plenty of fun opportunities to explore and appreciate the beauty of the city. The best thing is that a lot of these destinations can be enjoyed without spending too much. The children will be particularly happy as these attractions are mostly interactive and will inspire them to discover the things that they can do.


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