Christchurch Day Trip Ideas For Arts Lovers

Christchurch Day Trip Ideas For Arts Lovers

The city of Christchurch has undergone an artistic revolution after the unfortunate natural disaster in 2011. It is no more limited to off-the-rack art galleries, as new contemporary art spaces have been dispersing across. There is a lot of diversity that can attract even the most shrewd art lovers. Here are a few day trip destinations you can check out via minibus hire in Christchurch.

Christchurch Art Gallery

This public art space was formerly the Robert McDougall Art Gallery, which was the main artistic hub of the city from 1932 to 2002, till it was replaced with Christchurch Gallery showcasing an expansive collection of new and old artworks. Apart from its individual art collection, it frequently displays works from national and international artists. It’s a guaranteed affair to experience some of the best art shows in New Zealand, with a wide range of events, films and talks and a lively exhibition programme. The entry is free of cost.

Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA)

It was in 1880, when CoCA began its journey as the Canterbury Society of Arts, being the first organisation to collect and exhibit artworks in the city, and quickly became the most dynamic and influential arts society in the country. It has played a significant role in the growing arts scene of the country, and in 1890, a building was particularly designed for it by Benjamin Mountfort, a New Zealand architect. This was a good example of form and function of Gothic Revival in the country’s architecture.

The main objective of the centre is to look for novel ways to encourage and challenge conversations and debates about art in a changing world. The gallery focuses on commissioning and curating artwork, rather than simply acquiring them. This makes sure that the exhibitions remain of continual and consistent relevance, engaging audiences in an ever-present world of modern art and supporting innovation in artistic practice. Just like Christchurch Art Gallery, CoCA had to momentarily close their doors after the earthquake for refurbishments.

The Central

Featuring works by leading contemporary artists, displayed in order to rejoice the unique character of the Library, the Central Art Gallery is the brainchild of gallerist Jonathan Smart. It’s an association between him and the 4 families, who have been the victims of Canterbury earthquakes. Recognising the need of bringing contemporary art back in the city’s artistic scene, the space is dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary visual art, ranging from photography and painting to moving image work and sculpture. It presents a wide scope of art to the people of Christchurch with a different style.


Absolution is basically a body piercing and a tattoo studio with its private exhibition space that holds a fabulous range of modern art exhibitions, which are always considerate to various forms of media and art. If you want a piece of art to find a space on your body, do visit this centre which has got to offer some excellent artistry.

The Physics Room

This high-end contemporary art space is dedicated to promoting and developing critical discourse and contemporary art in Aotearoa New Zealand. Having existed in the city’s artistic scene since 1996, the Physics Room assists art practitioners with opportunities and resources to achieve a high level of creative and professional development, encouraging a greater acknowledgement and understanding of modern art among the kiwis.  The main objective is to actively seek association between the arts and other areas of cultural production and include art as a contributing voice in wider political, intellectual and social debate.

Bryce Gallery

The South Island of New Zealand has a slower atmosphere that is perfect for artistic endeavours, which is ideally manifested in the gallery.  Taking inspiration from the interior design performed by the manager Min Kim, the Bryce Gallery specializes in impressionist artwork. The gallery features a wide collection of original works, including paintings and sculptures. Apart from showcasing top artists in New Zealand, the team also works as consultants; assisting regional property owners select designs and colours which are well suited for buildings.

Waihora Gallery

With a focus on printmaking and high-end landscape, the art gallery focuses on fulfilling requirements of an art lover in the most satisfying way. Using Ultracome ink pigments from Epson, each print is produced using archival paper. The objective of Waihora is to produce both photographs and prints which are both affordable and of premium quality. It’s a fact that purchasing art online can be a challenge due to sizing and colour matching. The Waihora Gallery works closely with the clients to make sure they get what they require with a great return policy.

PG Gallery 192

Initially known as PaperGraphica Gallery, this is a gallery with a difference that is operated in association with printmaking studio. Earlier, it used to focus on prints created in house, but over a period of time, the venue has transformed into a place representing local artists of different backgrounds and skills sets. Sam Harrison, Nic Moon and Darryn George are some of the popular artists, whose work has been displayed here.

Wigram AirForce Museum

Established in 1976 at RNZAF Base Wigram, the Air Force Museum of New Zealand is home to a diverse collection, including objects from the initial days of New Zealand military aviation before the First World War. The collection encompasses objects from former forces. You can go on a self-guided tour of discovery and exploration around this iconic former air base. During an hour-long stroll, you will come across significant sites and vintage architecture from aviation past and reveal stories about how the life was, for people who served here since 1916.  

The Art Box Gallery

Built in September 2011, the Art Box Gallery was established to support and help local artists who lost their exhibitions spots, following the earthquakes in Canterbury. Beverly Frost is the woman behind this venture, who herself is an artist having her own Loftus Street Studio.  Few of the artists whose masterpieces have been displayed here include Jo Byrne, Mike Glover, Melanie Hammet, Paul Smith and Christine Lang.

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