Wellington Day Trip Ideas For Arts Lovers

Wellington Day Trip Ideas For Arts Lovers

The enigmatic island of New Zealand brims with natural magnificence, but the vibrant city of Wellington is home to some fantastic manmade creations. Renowned for offering innovative and alternative perspectives, Wellington gives you an opportunity to explore places like the Cuba Art Quarter and the Civic Square. From local crafters to international artists, here are a few attractions you should definitely consider for a day trip if you are an art lover. Book minibus hire in Wellington now to make your exploration easier!

Artrium Gallery

Displaying an extensive line-up of local and international talents nearly every month, the Atrium Gallery keeps a tight schedule. Without confining itself to any specific material or genre, the gallery focuses on encouraging the early career phases of an emerging artist. Visitors will be delighted to find glass and jewellery, as well as sculptures and paintings. A number of group shows are held regularly, bringing together different artists under one roof. The owner has an eccentric taste and frequently finds captivating artists, with something new to offer all the time.

Adam Art Gallery

This university gallery offers an extensive program of events and exhibitions that nurture the practice and understanding of culture and visual art. This is achieved through various programs featuring both local and international experts working in disciplines, ranging from the architecture, craft and visual arts to music and design. The exhibitions here are intended to be provocative and stimulating.

Recent shows have encompassed themes such as Painting and Cinema, which analysed the connection between a couple of art forms, and contemporary sculpture by Peter Robinson, a New Zealand artist. In addition to that, you have the art collection of the Victoria University of Wellington, which includes more than 240 works by national artists, put on display.

City Gallery Wellington

Regarded as one of the leading art institutions in the country, the City Gallery Wellington was the foremost non-collecting public gallery, which has hosted numerous established and emerging artists, offering a space for the art lovers to interact with modern visual architecture, design and art. You are surely going to love this place for its unique exhibitions, expert lectures, art workshops and a chance to interact with the masters. Some of the international artists whose masterpieces have been showcased here include Frida Kahlo, Tracey Emin and Yayoi Kusama.

Pataka Art + Museum

Dedicated to rejoicing rich heritage of the country, the Pataka Museum showcases the very best of contemporary New Zealand, Pacific Island and Maori art. Here you can explore the works by emerging and established New Zealand artists, as well as the forms and shapes they are taking today. The venue primarily focuses on social history and heritage exhibitions. Some of the key mentions include a group show featuring modern artists, an installation by Tiffany Singh involving local school children, and artworks by the photographer Shigeyuki Kihara. This place is nicely tucked in a unique cultural space, which comprises of a traditional Japanese Garden, Melody Farm Music Museum and Porirua City library.

Enjoy Public Art Gallery

The main objective of this unique art space is to encourage the discussion of contemporary art practices, regardless of its form. This is done by facilitating modern art projects, with a focus on developing artists that have an eye for an eager spirit. Some of the past projects include a collaborative association between Brenda Sullivan and Simon Morris, which discovered the gallery as a living entity, along with an installation piece by Kerry Ann Lee and Melissa Laing, which used publications and sonic art to discover ideas about settlement in New Zealand.

Dowse Art Museum

When it comes to arts, craft and design, the Dowse Art Museum is a centre of attraction for contemporary art happenings. They have made a name for themselves with quality events and exhibitions by both local and international artists. The famous New Zealand sculptor Peter Robinson was once a part of an exhibition here that involved an association of craft traditions with conceptual minimalism.  The Dowse Square and the surrounding region house a variety of public artworks, while the museum itself has a busy schedule with monthly music sessions, workshops and artist talks.

Bartley + Company Art

Featuring critically relevant masterpieces in all media, the Bartley + Company Art focuses on both newly and established contemporary artists, with a belief that art is fundamentally social, with an essential function of communication. In their comfortable gallery space, you will find experts such as Shane McGrath and his fascinating mini-metal sculptures indicative of jungle gym playgrounds of the 50s and 60s. Then you have the bold, bright colour explorations of Judy Millar and contemporary painter Andre Hemer.

Wellington Museum

Formerly known as the  Museum of City & Sea, the Wellington Museum on Queens Wharf occupies a historic building, 1892 Bond Store. Recently, it was claimed to be one of the top 50 museums in the world. Spread across four levels, it covers the entire history of the city. From rejoicing the maritime history of the city to the early European and Maori settlement, along with the region’s development, the museum tells stories of how the city has evolved as the capital of New Zealand.

Stretching between the first three levels, a giant cinema showcases a series of documentaries about Wellington. The Nga Heke exhibition explores alternative migrations, journeys and histories, showcasing contemporary work from Maori poets and artists. With strong graphics and a gallery-like feel, this space is interactive and thought provoking. The recently built Attic displays fantastic creations from flying saucers to lions, telling the story about the city’s history. The time machine Nga Hau tucked inside the Attic combines the magic of installation art with cinema, breathing life into the history with some significant characters sharing stories with you.

It’s always exciting and fun to travel with a group of art-lovers who appreciate the beauty of artificial creations, no matter their form. If you are planning for a day trip to any of the above attractions, hire a minibus in Wellington for a convenient commute.

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