Top Music Festivals In New Zealand For End 2018

Top Music Festivals In New Zealand For End 2018

New Zealand is truly the place to be. It literally offers something for everyone. Whether you fancy going into places to view amazing sights, have a bite of some famous kiwi foods, or want to spend quality time with the family on their exceptional playgrounds and picnic lawns. NZ has it all. If you think you have seen all of New Zealand, think again. There is still time to attend an NZ music festival before 2018 ends. So book New Zealand minibus hire today for a worry-free travel between picturesque destinations and fun-filled live music events!


One of New Zealand’s longest running music festivals; Homegrown is popular not only among the locals but also to other music lovers worldwide. It has 7 stages and 57 artists that rock the stage every year. It is a one-day event that is held in the Wellington waterfront. Autumn is the perfect time for the festival as the weather is quite settled so nothing can hold you back from experiencing a classic Kiwi music fest that brings together great music, beautiful sceneries, and the Kiwi culture.


Tapapakanga Regional Park in the southwest of Auckland is where a magical music experience is held every February. Splore is one of the best in the world when it comes to boutique music mix with arts. Dress up, soak up on the eclectic music, and embrace the party vibe in this three-day entertainment extravaganza!


The WOMAD or World Of Music, Arts and Dance is a wonderful feast for the senses. It is an award-winning music and dance festival that is led by international musicians. It is a delightful treat where you can dance your heart out to the enthralling music, get mesmerized by the delicious exotic dishes prepared by the artists, and generally just relish the festival vibe that resonates to your senses.

Shipwrecked Festival

The Shipwrecked Festival in Te Arai, just 90 minutes North from Auckland, is a festival of music and the arts. It is held in an idyllic landscape between three lakes and the festival site itself is transformed into a huge and spectacular playground. The event is a mix of the usual European festival scene and punctuated by the unique Kiwi vibes. It is a festival where you immerse into an unforgettable weekend of electronic music, visual arts, and nature.

Queenstown Winter Festival

Music is not the only thing celebrated during the Queenstown Winter Festival. The four-day festivity is filled with fireworks, mad nightlife, street parties, and music fest.  There is even a Winterfest games where skiiers and snowboarders from around the globe compete. These activities and the fact that Queenstown is one of the most beautiful places to see in New Zealand are what a lot of first-time visitors want to experience.

Electric Avenue

Unlike other music festivals where only the adults can have uninhibited fun, the Electric Avenue festival in Christchurch offers a family event. Just like the usual music fests, there are plenty of both international and local artists that will perform on two stages. However, the concert is not the only highlight of the show. There is a massive light show, a number of carnival rides, and the kids’ zone for the young ones.

Rhythm & Vines

If you happened to plan your holiday in the North island of New Zealand in time for the New Year, Drop everything else and make sure to attend the Rhythm and Vines music festival in Gisborne. Enjoy the festivities with a great mix of music from across multiple stages and with picture-perfect vineyards as a surreal setting. This festival is globally known as a top New Year’s destination because it is where the first sunrise of the New Year is seen.

Rhythm & Alps

After an impressive tour of the South island, going to the premier music festival called Rhythm & Alps in Cardona Valley will make your holiday more memorable. With more than 50 local and international acts in the line-up, you will marvel at how musically diverse the attendees are. The performances are done across 4 stages and only the best production companies handle the sound and lighting equipment. Assemble your festival squad and prepare for a three-day party that happens annually on December 29-31. This event is a sure-fire way to end your 2018 and start the New Year with a bang!

Northern Bass

Another music event that falls during the New Year celebrations is the Northern Bass in Mangawhai. Just an hour away from Auckland, the location is set on a beach lagoon where the sands are perfect for camping and beach volleyball. A world class selection of performers provide the best of everything bass like hip hop, boom bap, grime, and drum n bass among others.

Camp a Low Hum

A local event that breaks the usual festival rules, Camp a Low Hum in Tatum Park is a seemingly chaotic but undoubtedly fun even. The attendees can bring their own choice of drinks and there is no security, no V.I.P. and no queues to get to the event. The locals rely on each one to behave at their best to make the event successful.  The tickets surprisingly sell fast even when the artist line-up is never disclosed until the event itself.

These festivals that run the whole year run are testament that New Zealand is not only a beautiful country but one that knows how to have fun and let loose. All the events are well-planned to make the shows entertaining and worthwhile. What makes the festivities more special is that the Kiwis sees to it that festival-goers do not only get to experience real festival atmosphere but also get to learn more about their culture by showcasing not only local music talents but also the picturesque views on the locations of each festival.

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